Time For a Change

by | Jan 16, 2007 | The Joys of Publishing

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Sharp-eyed readers of these columns have noted an extreme drop-off in entries of late.  At first I was on vacation, and now that I’m back I simply haven’t been able to get back into the rhythm of the thing.  I had been shooting for a posting every other day on average, but there are stretches of several days at a time during which I simply don’t have much to say.  So maybe it’s time for a change.

Other times, I have too much to say.  In fact, most of the time.  Frankly, keeping these postings to what I felt would be a reasonable size has been a struggle.  Often I feel that I’ve almost managed to explore a topic.  Or that I’ve just begun to digress and already it’s time to pack up.

I have in mind a longer essay.  Maybe once a week.  Maybe a quickie now and again as well, but for right now something long so don’t expect anything for a few days, he said with fingers crossed.

Been busy too with marketing, which ain’t been no picnic.  You’d think there were 800,000 other books published last year.

Today, however, we made it onto the shelves of a brick and mortar shop in Manitou Springs called Black Cat Books.  They’re at manitoubooks.com as well.

The book has also been available on Amazon for some weeks, and in a few more you should be able to use their ‘Look Inside’ feature on it.

So things are happening but I’m feeling stretched a bit thin so for now I need to relax and write this longer piece.  Since I can’t tell you when it’ll be finished, you might use the ‘subscribe’ option, which will shoot it to your email when it’s done.


The next novel is percolating, too.  Where this last one was about a river, this one may be about light.