Good Bye 2019

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Food, Pastry, Posts with photos

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Happy New Year to you all.

The end of a year means party time, so Poet-turned-Pastry-Chef has been busy.

So many tarts to choose from; when it’s time to eat, which shall I choose?

The peach & candied pecan tart in the foreground disappeared first, but not before I nabbed one. Absolutely delicious.

chocolate chip tart covered in cherries

Almond and chocolate tart glazed with cherry sauce.

Yes, those plates really are plastic foam. Oh well.

Deconstructed Apple Pie

Among the display pieces, a nod to tradition; a lattice-top apple pie.

To eat, these quite yummy deconstructed numbers. Baked apples, soft and flakey cinnamon sugar pie crust, whipped cream, and streusel.

There were cakes and pumpkin pies, too.

And my, how quickly these deconstructed tiramisu disappeared.

Fooling around with cake deco. A gingerbread gold ore cart loaded with candied cashew crumble.

And there is flan, and coffee flan. And a cookie platter, and the traditional buckwheat and almond cake from Italy, the torta di grano saraceno.

These mousse towers went so fast that I didn’t get one.

Ah, plenty of happy, satisfied people that night. . . but I wish my ‘to-go’ box had been just a tad bit larger.