Productivity in times of Quarantines

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Posts with photos, Woodworking

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Ooh la la oh my this Corona virus, with all its quarantining, staying-at-home orders, safer-at-home, reduced hours and all has surely got to be every muse’s blessing in disguise.

I know I ain’t complaining. After all – a long story short, after gutting out our bathroom down to the studs and the crawlspace beneath, then going and getting hired full-time…? My poet really hadn’t had much time for a while.

But due to the mysterious powers that may be, we finally have a working bathroom — with a running shower again. … It may have been longer than we care to remember since we last used it.

Gosh darn it, there are NO before pictures — but why would one take pictures of something so ugly anyhow? But it’s sure pretty now —

Heyyyy wait… these pictures are missing the woodworking he’s done in here as well.

These needs updates.

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